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How clean is a Minute Suites?

We are one of the cleanest places in the airport. We were founded by physicians, so you can imagine our cleanliness standard are very high.

Click here for a full description of our cleaning process. 

Are Minute Suites a lounge or Club?

We are not a lounge or club. We provide completely private and clean suites to guests to nap, relax, or work on projects. We are the perfect place for you to social distance yourself at the airport.

What are the most important things to know? How can I find your location?
  1. All Minute Suites locations are inside of airport TSA checkpoints. Please be aware that in some locations security closes for a few hours every night, and the hours differ for each airport, terminal, and gate. If you are already inside the secured area, do not exit without ensuring your ability to go through the TSA checkpoint again. If going through Customs before a connecting flight, be aware that you will need to go through security again, as you will be arriving outside of security.
    1. ATL: Pre-check Hours Open 1am-12pm
    2. DFW: TSA Hours DFW Airport Security Checkpoint Hours
    3. PHL: TSA Information Terminal B Security Checkpoint open 24 hours. TSA Screening Information
    4. CLT: Security Checkpoint Hours and Tips
  2. Baggage claim also closes every night, and hours may differ depending on the airline. Please be aware of the following information:
    1. ATL: Passenger Arrivals Information
    2. DFW: Bags may only be checked if your flight departs within the next 4 hours. Bags must be re-checked outside of security if a layover is 12 hours or longer.
    3. PHL: Airlines and Baggage Claim Information
    4. CLT: Passenger FAQ’s
  3. Transportation between terminals varies for each airport.
    1. ATL: (B16) Atlanta Plane Train Information
    2. DFW: Skylink trains are available inside security, and operate 24/7. DFW Skylink Information
    3. PHL: (A/B terminal link) PHL Passenger Shuttle Information
Are you a spa? Do you offer massages?

We do not offer these services. However, various locations may have partnerships set up with local spa companies in the airport, to provide such services. See each location for details.

What are my options for suite sizes? Are there price differences for larger suites?

DFW has two premier suites, Lone Star (medium) and Alamo (large), which hold extra space. The daybed sofa and trundle in the Alamo suite are longer than those in the other suites. Prices are higher for premier suites. For specific rates, please contact us.

Another (DFW) option is the combination of our Yellow Rose suite and Bluebonnet suite which have a connecting door that can be unlocked. This is ideal for groups and families.

CLT, ATL, and PHL suites are all the same size and price.

Is the price per person?

No, the price is per suite and corresponds with the amount of time rented.

How many people can sleep in a suite?

Every suite has a sofa daybed with a trundle of the same size which pulls out from the daybed. Our DFW location includes a mid-sized suite (Lone Star) with enough space to accommodate a cot, and a family-sized suite (Alamo) with enough space to accommodate two cots. Two people can sleep comfortably in the suites and a family of four can relax comfortably inside the room. We are a great place to sleep in the airport.

Do all suites include a restroom?

No, suites do not include a restroom. However, the Alamo suite at our DFW location has a connecting door to one of the two restrooms/showers if that addition is desired. Extra cost is associated. Showers can be rented for an additional fee in the DFW and CLT locations.

What is included in a suite?

Each suite rental includes the amenities listed on our website’s welcome page in addition to extra blankets (depending on availability) and pillow cases.

How do I know if my booking is confirmed? Will I receive a confirmation number?

No confirmation number is given. If a valid e-mail address was provided when creating an online account through our website, any bookings created through that account should result in automated e-mail confirmations.

A valid credit or debit card must be saved to your account in order to ensure that your reservation will be held. If no card is provided, we hold the right to rent the suite or shower to another guest.

Can I book/reserve for someone other than myself?

Yes! The name on the card provided does not need to match the name on the reservation. The person checking in must be noted in the reservation, however, if under a different name.

If a flight crew or military discount is desired, application of such discount is only allowed after presenting a valid ID in person.

Do you sell Gift Cards?

Yes, gift cards are available for purchase at all locations!

Can minors stay without an adult?

There is no age requirement to stay with us. We only ask that, as described above, the person checking in is able to provide proof of the reservation if under a different name.

Is it clean? Safe?

Absolutely! As we were founded by doctors, our company has cleaning protocols similar to those found in hospitals and hotels.

Our reception areas and hallways are monitored by security cameras 24/7. Employees are also trained upon hire to properly handle emergency situations.

What types of payment do you accept?

We accept cash (U.S. Dollars), Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express, and JCB. A valid credit or debit card is required for every guest’s account, as back-up.

Are crying babies allowed?

Yes, we welcome fussy babies! However, if the crying is loud enough to disturb someone in a neighboring suite (which is rarely an issue), we ask that you please step out into the terminal.

Do you offer an option for breastfeeding mothers?

Yes! Mothers who need to pump or breastfeed may utilize a suite with the first 30 minutes offered at no charge.

Are food and drinks allowed in a suite?

Food and beverages are allowed, however, if intense cleaning is required to prepare a suite for resale, a cleaning fee may be charged to the card on file. Please see your reservations Terms of Agreement.

Is smoking allowed in a suite or shower?

No, smoking is not allowed at any of our locations, as per airport and federal regulations. If a guest decides to ignore this policy, a smoking fee will be charged to the card on file and the local authorities may be called.

If I am able to board my standby flight, can my reservation be canceled without consequence?

With the best interest of all our guests in mind, Minute Suites does adhere to a strict cancellation policy as follows:

  • Hourly Reservations – All reservations other than overnight reservations must be canceled prior to 3 hours before the scheduled arrival time to be eligible for a refund. If a reservation is canceled less than 3 hours before the scheduled arrival time, no refund will be given.
  • Overnight Reservations – All overnight reservations must be canceled prior to 12 hours before the scheduled arrival time to be eligible for a refund. If an overnight reservation is canceled less than 12 hours before the scheduled arrival time, no refund will be given.
Do you have a rewards or loyalty program?

Yes, each guest earns points for each stay and retail purchases. Rewards can be redeemed towards future stays or other great discounts.

Are you hiring?

Please contact locations separately with new hire inquiries. We welcome all who are interested.

Are you a franchise? Do you have investing opportunities?

Minute Suites, LLC is a privately owned company that does not have current franchising opportunities. If you are interested in becoming an investment partner, please contact us through the contact page of our website.


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Our flights were all rescheduled, rerouted and a complete mess! The staff was amazing and helped us with blankets, pillows and a clean suite that was safe, secure and comfortable. With 9 hours until our next flight, it was a perfect fit for what we needed.

Mark Nolan, ATL