29 Apr 2020

Why We Love DFW

No matter where you land in Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport (DFW), it’s a quick Skylink (light rail) ride between Terminals. 

Which is great news, because we have Minute Suites in Terminal A (7 suites) and Terminal D (10 suites and 2 showers). Some even have a window view. 

So if you’re making a reservation and don’t necessarily want to make the choice based on proximity, you should know a little bit about both terminals. 

Terminal A, for instance, has more food options while Terminal D offers more shops and services. Though both have food options from simple vending machines and 7-11s to local franchise favorites.

If you want to combine your nap with a Be Relax spa treatment, plan for a stop in Terminal D or Terminal B. Although you can also hit up Xpress Spa at Terminal A, D or E. Or Spa Here in Terminal C. 

You can also pause for a moment of zen at Terminal D or E’s yoga studio

DFW offers this great tool to help you search terminals (might not be a bad idea to map out your route to Minute Suites, too). Easily search your favorite food, relaxation treatment or shop to stop by on the way to your private oasis. And don’t stick to the airport basics: build breakfast for any meal at DFW’s cereal bar, go classy with a gin martini and filet minon or follow in Rachael Ray and Oprah’s footsteps at IceBox Cafe. DFW has a lineup of options worth exploring.

If you have time to leave security, head to the Founder’s Plaza, a six-acre observation area on the north side of the airport. There, you can watch planes take off and land—and even listen to air traffic control communications from the FAA tower. There’s also 36-hole golf course, Bear Creek Golf adjacent to the airport. If your layover is long enough, book your tee time online.

DFW is all about the passenger experience, and it shows in the caliber of its layout and offerings. In 2018, they even won the Airports Council International-North America (ACI-NA) Richard A. Griesbach Award of Excellence, which recognizes the most remarkable, innovative work in airport concessions.

So if you’re a passenger heading through DFW (or have the option to book through DFW on your next trip), do a little airport planning. After all, who says the trip can’t start before you arrive at your destination?