2 May 2020

Traveler Stories: Sandra Possing

Cancelled flights leading to extended layovers are unfortunate events that most frequent flyers have experienced at least once in their life. When this happens to you, don’t you wish you had a Minute Suites close by so you could get some shut eye while you wait for your next flight? One customer was ecstatic when she and her husband found us in Dallas-Fortworth after their flight to San Francisco was delayed. Her name is Sandra Possing and she was kind enough to post about her experience on her Facebook and also to retell her story for our blog.

Sandra’s Story

Sandra and her husband are no strangers to traveling. Sandra works remotely as a life coach and her husband also works from home, so they go on trips as often as they can. They cleverly refer to themselves as “digital nomads.” Like all travelers, they know the stress related to cancelled and delayed flights. On this occasion, the two had been traveling for three weeks and were making their way back from Costa Rica. They were coming off of a 4+ hour flight from Liberia to DFW.

“We were flying into Dallas on our way home when our flight got delayed. We had plenty of time to spare and were looking for a spot to relax.” Sandra said.

The couple are Priority Pass members and knew that many airports had lounges that they could enjoy with the pass. They tried one airport lounge but had to leave after about ten minutes because the location was about to close. Desperate for some rest, making camp on the not-so-desirable and terribly uncomfortable floor looked like their last resort.

“Laying on the hard floor is never ideal, we wanted something more private and relaxing,” Sandra said.

After roughing it for awhile on the terminal carpet, she and her husband started to look for another solution for sleep… that’s when they stumbled upon Minute Suites.

“We’d never heard of Minute Suites but thought it looked like a nice place to get some rest,” Sandra stated.

When Sandra got to the front desk, she was greeted by a friendly and helpful employee. After getting an explanation of the Minute Suites service, the two booked a room using both of their Priority Passes making their two hour stay free (with a Priority Pass, you get the first hour free at all Minute Suite locations. If both travelers have a pass, you can use each others cards and get an additional hour free).

“The suite was great, there was a daybed sofa with a trundle bed so my husband and I could both sleep comfortably. It was an efficient suite that was very clean.” Sandra said. “We were just so tired and needed to relax before our next flight home. It was like a little hotel!”

One element aside from the suite that Sandra said she enjoyed was our line of Burt’s Bees products. The Burt’s Bees chapsticks and creams are just one of many items we offer in our locations – all Minute Suites have a convenient wellness stores with essentials like trip wipes, lotions, neck pillows and other travel necessities.

Thanks to Minute Suites, the couple was refreshed after their two hours of rest and ready for their next flight.

“Overall, I enjoyed the service,”Sandra exclaimed,“ I wish they were in more airports.”

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Minute Suites currently has locations in DFW where Sandra stayed and additional locations in CLT, ATL, and PHL airports. We are always expanding, with construction starting in Baltimore and Houston airports in the coming months. We also have many more locations we are looking to extend to right on the horizon. Stay current on all Minute Suites news by liking us on Facebook and Linkedin and by following us on Instagram and Twitter.