17 Jul 2019

Minute Suites is the ideal place for your client’s long layover.

With locations in Dallas-Fort Worth, Charlotte, Philadelphia and Atlanta airports, Minute Suites is the innovative leader in traveler wellness, offering private retreats post-security within the airport terminal to nap, relax and work.

Airline lounges are, after all, becoming busier and noisier, which makes the VIP experience within the airport harder to attain than never before. That said, 84% of respondents in our market research study agree that Minute Suites provides more privacy than airline clubs.

At Minute Suites, each suite is equipped with a comfortable daybed sofa, pillows and fresh blankets. A sound masking system helps neutralize noise and deliver a refreshing nap, or enough quiet to focus on the complimentary DirecTV and Netflix service. For travelers trying to catch up on work, the provided desk and office chair serves as a functional workstation and plentiful electrical outlets offer the perfect area to recharge your electronics in between flights.

In select locations, guests can opt to reserve an additional block of time in our luxurious showers for an additional opportunity to unwind during an extended layover or after a particularly long flight.

Each suite is thoroughly cleaned between guests in a process best described as “top-down, hug-the-wall” with cleaning agents used in surgical suites all over the country, ensuring a healthy space to relax even for the youngest members of the family, or any travelers requiring extra clean conditions.

Due to terminal space restrictions, individual suites don’t have direct access to private restrooms, but like full-service hotels, we do offer wake up calls and locked doors so guests can stow valuables in their suite while they explore the terminal. Our locations offer concessions for purchase at the front desk, and the ability to bring in food or beverage purchased in the terminal.

Suites are booked for minimum blocks of 1 hour with available 15 minute increments, or a flat rate for an overnight stay (of 8 hours).

For travel agents located in the United States that book for guests, we offer a 15% commission on standard rate bookings made in a calendar month period after we confirm those in our system. To get your commission, download the submission spreadsheet and follow the submission instructions included.

PS: Travel agents using their Minute Suites Rewards account, can also earn points that can be accrued to receive travel rewards at Minute Suites and other travel services providers. Which means a Minute Suites stay can also be the perfect perk to offer your VIP clients as an extra thank-you for using your services.