14 Jul 2019

Minute Suites announces new locations in Charlotte Douglas International Airport

Minute Suites will open a brand new location in the D/E connector corridor, near the new food court, as part of the Charlotte Airport expansion. Expected to open in early 2019, the new location was designed by Nathaniel Orr at Sonder Architecture and features a futuristic storefront with the amenities that travelers have come to expect from Minute Suites.

Charlotte Airport is expected to explode in traffic in the next couple of years—and has seen steady increases in traffic. With the opening of a second Minute Suites, which already has six sleep units and one shower in the Atrium location, the airport is fully committing to the comfort of passengers inside the terminal. Travelers will have access to a combined total of 12 suites and two showers across both locations.

Even the layout of the new expansion is ideal for travelers. “The placement of Minute Suites is right by the food court,” says Chris Glass, Vice President of Minute Suites. “Within minutes, travelers can be settled in to work or watch Netflix with their favorite takeout.”

Minute Suites, which provides private suites inside security at airports where travelers can nap, relax or work before their flight or during long delays, has locations in Dallas, Philadelphia and Atlanta in addition to the Charlotte operations.

Suites are booked with a one hour minimum followed by 15-minute increments; an eight-hour day rate and a flat overnight rate are also available. Showers are booked separately in 30-minute increments with special pricing for guests renting a suite in addition to a shower. Advanced booking is recommended when possible and reservations can be made more easily than ever with the brand new Minute Suites Mobile app, available for download via Android and iOS.

To make reservations in the existing Charlotte locations,