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Minute Suites Testimonial Contest

Minute Suites wants to hear from you! This December, we are looking for testimonials from our loyal customers about your stay at a Minute Suites. In return for your video review, we will be giving away one $150 visa gift card.

The contest is very simply, all you have to do is film a short testimonial video about your stay(s) at a Minute Suites location and send your completed video to D.hollembaek@minutesuites.com. Once sent, you will receive a confirmation email that your video was received and that you are entered into the contest.

We will be reviewing videos and choosing a winner of the $150 visa gift card on January 1st.

Thank you for your submissions and continued support of our service. We greatly appreciate you.

Safe travels and good luck!

Video Submissions Guidelines:
  • Please keep videos under 4 minutes long.
  • Please film the video HORIZONTALLY with your phone.
  • Video can also be shot using the camera on your computer.
  • Tell us about why you stay at Minute Suites and what your experiences with us have been like.
  • Have fun!
  • We do ask that we be allowed to use your video for marketing purposes on our website, social pages, and newsletter.
Rules of Entry

Must be 18 years or older.

No employee entrants allowed.

Entrant must be valid and confirmed former or current guests of Minute Suites.

Entrants must use their real name.

All entries must be emailed before 11:59 pm CST on December 31st to be valid.


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Our flights were all rescheduled, rerouted and a complete mess! The staff was amazing and helped us with blankets, pillows and a clean suite that was safe, secure and comfortable. With 9 hours until our next flight, it was a perfect fit for what we needed.

Mark Nolan, ATL