Gift of Sleep

Treat yourself to The Gift of Sleep!


Easy2Live™ Functional Lifestyle Shots – $2.99 ea

Easy2Sleep™ – Enjoy a restful night’s sleep without awaking groggy!

Easy2Relax™ – Revitalize spirit and well-being!

Easy2Focus™ – Optimizes energy and concentration!


Take a Nap! Change your Life. By Dr. Sara C. Mednick – $12.95

Explains the many benefits of napping as well the how-to’s on the creation of a right nap atmosphere and tips & techniques on how to get the most of out of your time sleeping!


Nap26™ Audio Program – $4.99


Receive benefits of a 3-hour nap in just 26 minutes-without feeling groggy!


Travel Sleep Kit $10.50


Take the Minute Suites Travel Sleep Kit with you on your next flight!

Travel Sleep Kit includes:

Inflatable Neck Pillow
Eye Mask
Ear Plugs


Merchandise available at front reception desk.